SUBSTANTIALS - NEON SKY is a canvas I made for beetlecrab. Our goal was to create a canvas that not only showcases the potential of tempera but also provides a good starting point for your own sound creations. Of course ... as you would expect from a canvas that comes from me, this canvas is particularly suitable for ambient.
This canvas uses the upcoming 2.0 firmware for Tempera.

I made a video that demonstrates different ways to work with the canvas and how to make something of your own out of it.

Hope you enjoy ...

Ambient Synthesizer Pad Atmospheric
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How to use

  1. Download the canvas.
  2. Copy SUBSTANTIALS - NEON SKY.canvas to a FAT-formatted USB stick or a micro SD card into a folder named programs.
  3. Plug the stick/card to Tempera.
  4. Press the External storage button and load the canvas directly from external media.