A simple example canvas to explore the basics of the Tempera.

I sampled a range of synth pad A end E notes and put one on each of the eight tracks.

* Tuned the samples to 220.00Hz
* Placed a blue emitter toggle trigger in the center
* Configured X and Y spray to 4.0 on both
* Configured Grain mid-side to spread out the grains in the stereo field
* The ADSR settings for the canvas makes it play nice when triggered from a keyboard
* Sprinkled a little reverb and delay on top

I wish I had simple examples like this when starting to explore the Tempera. Play around with the settings and see what happens!


Ambient Synthesizer Pad
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How to use

  1. Download the canvas.
  2. Copy TuTempera01.canvas to a FAT-formatted USB stick or a micro SD card into a folder named programs.
  3. Plug the stick/card to Tempera.
  4. Press the External storage button and load the canvas directly from external media.